Experience easier access to care

Our commitment to ongoing research with users, academic institutions and other partners is unparalleled in the industry.

We analyze a wide variety of program data in our quest to answer: “Are we reaching our audience?” and “How are we making a difference to individuals and families?”

Join One Million Moms

Text4baby sent its one millionth welcome message in April of 2016, signaling that America’s first and longest running maternal and child health support program had reached an important milestone: serving an audience of 1M users.

Get Your Own HealthPhone™

Medicaid beneficiaries are entitled to a free mobile phone under the government’s Lifeline program.

Our HealthPhone™ includes all of the standard Lifeline benefits and more.

Putting You at the Center

A true self-management program is built for the patient, not as a means of supporting provider and payer workflows. This is an important distinction because in a truly patient-centered self-management program, interactions between patients and providers become more engaging and impactful due to ongoing communication and information sharing.