Mamta’s amazing endurance!

Mamta’s amazing endurance!
Abdel Djellal |

Running is among the simplest ways to keep fit. It’s also a great stress buster that rejuvenates your body and your skin.

All of us have heard these motivational talks espousing transformation through fitness…  Until I started running and experienced for myself how everything around me changed when I started moving more, I would never have believed that such results could be achieved by someone like me.  Here’s how it started:

Less than a year ago I was plump and had low energy.  It was then I started a humble fitness routine with  no clear goals in mind.  I was was determined to start so through exercise and morning walks that became short runs, I eventually increased my daily distance goal.  In just a few weeks I was running long enough to feel really proud of myself and my progress as a runner.  

When in October of last year some of my Voxiva office colleagues had the idea to join the “Airtel Corporate Half Marathon” in the fall of 2015, I was excited and joined the group.  We trained together regularly and during the course of this training we participated in another organized run of 11kms.  I was honored to finish first in the female category of that race and felt that running a race was easier than I expected.

Shortly thereafter I completed my first half marathon.  With determination and continued training, last week I ran 70kms in hilly terrain at an altitude  of 5700 meters.  I came in second place in the female category with a runtime of 10 hours, 37 minutes.  This achievement earned me a title of Youngest Ultra Runner of Delhi NCR.

Today I am running an average of 12kms a day and on weekends I make it to 25kms.  For many weeks  now, my workout has been about 100kms.  I am currently leading in the #100DaysOfRunning Challenge where I am also ranked among the top 15 participants across all categories.

MMamta, the Youngest Ultra Runner in Delhi NCRy next run is on February 17 2017.   The distance is 161kms which is regarded as one of the toughest ultra-marathons in India.  My target is to run the race fast enough to qualify for the Boston marathon later the same year.

If I could share one piece of inspiration to motivate others just starting out with a program it’s this:  Don’t forget that every long journey starts with a single step.  

When will you get started?