When my doctor told me I had diabetes I was overwhelmed. Care4life became my companion. I didn't feel so alone or scared. It taught me how to fight back and control my diabetes. (Jody, Participant)

Care4life teaches participants about diabetes and helps them manage their disease

Care4lifeSM is a personalized interactive mobile health service designed to help people with diabetes take better control of their health. Developed using the American Diabetes Association's clinical guidelines, content derived from the National Diabetes Education Program, and principles of the American Association of Diabetes Educators AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors, care4life leads the participant through a structured education and lifestyle program. Care4life is available in English and Spanish and uses a combination of text messaging, and web based tools to engage and interact with the participant. Care4life works to:

  • Empower participants to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • Improve adherence to medication and appointment attendance
  • Increase motivation and self-confidence through diabetes education and awareness
  • Increase participants’ self-monitoring and understanding of bio-markers (blood glucose, blood pressure & weight)

Results from a study of care4life participants are very positive:

  • 85% reported improved knowledge of diabetes and how to manage it
  • 85% said care4life helped them remember to take medications and attend doctors’ appointments
  • 86% said it helped them set health goals and work toward achieving them

Further, 96% of participants would recommend care4life to other people with diabetes.

Customers are also able to view a vast array of participant data through an on-line portal for both research and monitoring purposes.

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