Appointment reminders keep patients healthy

Appointment reminders keep patients healthy

Highlights from Voxiva’s Data + Analytics Team

Numerous studies demonstrating the impact and cost-effectiveness of text message reminders have been published recently. The evidence is overwhelmingly in support of text reminders.  Take a look.

Text Reminders Work

  • Text reminders are cost effective. Texting cost less than phone calls or paper mailings, and increase patient revenue associated with improved attendance.1
  • Text reminders reduce missed appointments. Studies have found a 5% – 10% reduction in missed appointments when patients receive a text reminder before their appointment.2
  • Text reminders improve immunization adherence in vulnerable populations. Studies of pregnant women and children show that people are more likely to be vaccinated when they receive a text message reminder.3
  • To be most effective, couple appointment reminders with robust educational content delivered via SMS.4

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Supporting Plans, Providers and People

Reminders have always been an integral part of Voxiva’s digital health solutions. Patients can set tailored reminders for their specific appointments via text or mobile app and receive a reminder three days before as well as on the day of any appointment. Our programs also send educational reminders around the time that children are due for vaccines or when preventive care appointments are due. Highlights from research on our own users show that:

  • About 12% of patients engaged in Voxiva’s digital health programs use the appointment reminder feature to set a text message reminder for a visit.5 To date, our service has sent over 225,000 date-specific appointment reminders, and millions of reminders about preventive visits, screenings, and vaccinations.6
  • Well baby visit attendance is higher among patients who receive educational and reminder messages.7
  • In fact, moms are twice as likely to be vaccinated against flu if they receive a text message reminder from Text4baby.8
  2. Internal analysis, April 2016

Quote Area

“All of the important little things that would have never crossed my mind were sent to me through the messages. Now, I have a beautiful toddler girl who is healthy and playful. I’m still receiving reminders for her doctor’s appointments.”

– Courtney R
Text4baby Subscriber

Reduce Administrative Burdens

Since most people, plans and providers are using text and email to communicate with patients about appointments, consider the value of upgrading to a platform that incorporates structured and tailored administrative messaging that drives better appointment adherence.

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